Hot Potato Sermon Series

Check out the promo video for our upcoming new sermon series: Hot Potato!

Auburn United Methodist Church is starting a new sermon series to address controversial topics that may or may not be usually discussed by church members. Each week the sermon will be uploaded below so that you can follow along and attend one of the small group sessions that will further discuss these topics. For more information on small groups, email

Small Groups will meet during the week of the sermon. (unless otherwise noted)

Sunday @ 5:30 pm Youth Small Group in Youth Room

Monday @ 6:30 pm Pat and Kathy Smith’s house (2125 Fairview Church Rd)

Tuesday @ 1:30 pm Pat and Kathy Smith’s house (2125 Fairview Church Rd)

Tuesday @ 6:30 pm Serounian and Sherri Keir’s house (1805 Tuckahoe Dr)

Thursday @ 8:30 pm Virtual Small Group (online)

(How to join a online small group: Create a free account at and join a meeting with the following code: 511 148 6611) Email for help.


Week 1: Abortion     August 13th

Luke 1:39-44

Week 2: Animals in Heaven     August 20th

Genesis 1:30-31; Genesis 2:7; Revelation 5:11-14

Week 3: Suicide     September 10th

II Samuel 17:23; Romans 8:31-39

Week 4: Physician Assisted Suicide     September 17th

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

Week 5: Same Sex Marriage     September 24th

I Corinthians 6: 9-20